Suggested Merits

Suggested Merits

Royal Rangers August 1, 2015

The advancement trails for Discovery Rangers (grades 3-5), Adventure Rangers (grades 6-8), and Expedition Rangers (grades 9-12) are largely based on the completion of a specified number of skill merits.  Groups may choose from a list of over 200 merits currently available.  However, some merits require special facilities, gear, or expertise to teach effectively.  In order to assist you in identifying merits that may be most suitable for new groups, we recommend the following.  The lists below represent the popular merits that typically require little or no previous experience in that subject area, and require facilities and gear commonly available in most churches.

Additional information on merits, as well as specific requirements for each merit, can be found on our Merits Homepage.  Merits indicated as “required” are those that must be earned in order to complete the advancement trail for that age group. Details on the advancement system for each age group can be found on the advancement page.


Quarter Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Fall Weather First Aid Skills* Wildlife
Winter Models & Design Art Hobby
Spring Tool Craft Safety Cooking
Summer Bible Knowledge 1* BGMC Global Missions 1*
Other Family Life Church 104
Leadership 101 102 103


Quarter Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Fall Emergency Prep. Healthy Body* Computers
Winter Carpentry Home Repair Puppeteer
Spring Camping Camp Safety Fire Safety
Summer Bible Knowledge 2* Christian Missions Global Missions 2*
Other Bachelor Home Safety 204
Leadership 201 202 203


Quarter Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Fall Cinematography Public Health Citizenship*
Winter Plumbing Woodworking Winter Camping
Spring Wilderness Survival Budget & Finance* Auto Mechanics
Summer Sixteen Fund. Truths* Speed the Light World Missions
Other Fine Arts Festival American Cultures 304
Leadership 301 302 303

Note that this schedule features some significant characteristics:

  • One of the three required merits* for each age group is featured each year, which meets the requirements for each group’s annual awards.
  • Merits featured in summer quarters are similar between groups, allowing for the possibility of combining groups during the summer months when attendance may be lower.
  • Merits featured during the winter quarters involve activities suitable for indoors, while those featured in the spring often involve outdoor activity.


The advancement trail for Ranger Kids (grades K-2) does not include the completion of merits.  It includes “achievement awards” which are similar to merits but much simpler to be more suitable for younger boys.  Information on achievement awards can be found in the Ranger Kids curriculum on TRaCclub.


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