Royal Rangers is a small-group church ministry and must be conducted as a ministry under the direction of a specific church.  Although Royal Rangers is the official boys program of the Assemblies of God, many non-AG churches are permitted to conduct Royal Rangers programs provided they agree to the stated terms of use defined in the online chartering process.  Additional information concerning the types of churches that may conduct a Royal Rangers program can be found on our chartering page at


Boys must meet the following requirements to be eligible for official membership in Royal Rangers:

  1. Be a boy in Kindergarten through 12th grade but less than 18 years of age.
  2. Complete your church’s requirements for participation, if any.
  3. Recite from memory the Royal Rangers Pledge, Code, Motto, meaning of the points of the Emblem, and the Golden Rule.
  4. Read the booklet Preventing Child & Substance Abuse (available at or on TRaCclub) and talk about what you have read with your parents or legal guardians.
  5. Attend three regular Royal Rangers meetings.

Since Royal Rangers is commonly used as a church outreach ministry, most churches do not require a boy to attend their church regularly in order to participate in their Royal Rangers program.  However, participation requirements are ultimately defined by the church’s leadership, within the parameters established by Royal Rangers, as described above.


Every Royal Rangers leader plays a vital role in helping boys develop into Christlike manhood. It is therefore essential that all leaders display consistent Christlike character and practices in their daily lives. Royal Rangers leaders must consistently display the following attributes:

  1. Be a born-again Christian, displaying a consistent Christian lifestyle as defined by the Holy Bible (see also our official statement concerning Biblical standards of sexual morality)
  2. Be loyal to your church, supporting your lead pastor’s vision
  3. Have a heart for ministering to boys and enjoy working with them
  4. Be capable of leadership, including delegating authority and accepting responsibility
  5. Be prepared to take Royal Rangers leadership training
  6. Be at least 21 years old to serve as an Outpost Coordinator or Group Leader (Outpost Commander) or at least 18 years old to serve as an assistant leader (Lt. Commander).

It is strongly recommended that churches conduct criminal background screenings on all potential Royal Rangers leaders before they are allowed to participate in the program.  We recommend the use of the Reducing the Risk training materials created by Richard Hammar, attorney & CPA.  Additional leadership requirements and standards for parental participation may be required by the church.


Royal Ranger Pledge
With God's help I will do my best to serve God, my church, and my fellowman; to live by the ranger code; to make the Golden Rule my daily rule.
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