Much of the success of our Royal Rangers program will depend on the effectiveness of your leaders.  In order to ensure your leaders are adequately prepared, Royal Rangers provides a variety of leader training opportunities. Some training events are conducted by your district Royal Rangers leadership while others are conducted by the national Royal Rangers training office. There are also training opportunities available online.


District training programs and events are facilitated by your district and may take place at various times and locations across your district each year.  Contact your district leadership for additional information concerning dates and locations near you.

  • Ranger Foundations – an online or a district classroom experience that teaches new leaders the foundational principles of how to run successful outpost including weekly meetings, how to use & access the Royal Rangers curriculum, advancement system, program structure, uniforms, and much more.
  • Ranger Essentials – a one-day fun, interactive-style event where leaders learn how to connect with today’s boys, along with recognizing ministry needs and outreach opportunities. Instruction is given on how to give life-changing devotions and how to mentor boys and young men into spiritual leaders.
  • Ranger Safety - an online or district classroom experience that provides every leader with vital information on child safety practices and proper supervision. This course is required to be taken every three years to provide leaders with up to date changes and to refresh their memory on this vitally important topic. It is the responsibility of all Royal Rangers leaders to take every action needed to ensure the safety of boys within their care.
  • Continuous Learning Electives – training courses intended to expand a leader's skills or competencies beyond those received from the courses and events referenced above. 


The following national training events are provides in various locations around the country each year.  Details and a schedule of events can be found on the national Royal Rangers website.

  • National Rangers Ministry Camp (NRMC) – provides instruction in leading exciting outpost activities. Each man will be introduced to the following activities: archery, art, air rifle, contemporary camping, computers, drama, music, team building initiatives, trades, and Ranger Derby. Additionally, participants experience what it means to be a boy-lead, adult-facilitated outpost, using the team/patrol system. Most importantly, participants are challenged spiritually to live a life of godly manhood and servant leadership. Every leader will be able to answer the question, “Do I have what it takes to be a godly man?”
  • National Elementary Education Conference (NEEC) – an interactive event that gives men and women leaders training in various techniques and methods to effectively teach and mentor boys. Leaders will explore the development and needs of the elementary age group, with Ranger Kids as the main focus. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the needs and characteristics of boys so you can better relate and connect with them.
  • World Class Outpost Seminar (WCO) – designed to expose the outpost leadership team to a successful set of practices, methods, strategies, and tools that will enable them to develop into a World Class Outpost. The greatest benefit of this event is achieved when the outpost/church leadership attends and completes this event together as a team.


Selected courses are also available online for completion at your convenience.  Access to these courses may be gained through the national Royal Rangers website.

  • Ranger Foundations – this course may be completed entirely online at your convenience.
  • Ranger Safety – this course may be completed entirely online at your convenience.
  • Continuous Learning Electives – additional selected courses are available for online training that provide information in specialized aspects of the ministry.
Royal Ranger Pledge
With God's help I will do my best to serve God, my church, and my fellowman; to live by the ranger code; to make the Golden Rule my daily rule.
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