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Royal Rangers August 15, 2023

Royal Rangers Lite is form of Royal Rangers that provides churches with an easier, simpler method of doing Royal Rangers that still achieves the core objectives of the program without the complexities of the program’s more robust features. “Lite” outposts still enjoy many of the same benefits as more “full featured” outposts but without the complexities of the advancement system, awards, and insignia, enabling them to conduct a Royal Rangers program that may be better suited to the needs and capabilities of their church.

What does a “lite” outpost look like?

Since Royal Rangers Lite is more of a concept than a program, no specific format must be followed to be a “lite” outpost. Churches are free to exercise a significant degree of flexibility in the way they conduct their Royal Rangers program, but the following provides an example of what a “lite” outpost might look like.

  • All the boys are kept together in one group rather than breaking them up into multiple age groups. Older boys are encouraged to assist the younger ones in learning the material.
  • All the boys learn the same material together. Boys are still taught some kind of skill-based activity each week - such as tool craft, Dutch oven cooking, model rocketry, or chess – but no actual skill merits are completed, and no advancement steps are earned.
  • Meetings include Bible lessons, skill-based activities, and game time each week, in much the same way as any Royal Rangers outpost would do.
  • Leaders may use the regular Royal Rangers teaching materials for the activities they lead, or they can create their own material to follow, since no actual merits are being earned.
    The outpost may use their own custom T-shirts, their church T-shirt, or may purchase standard Royal Rangers T-shirts from GPH as their outpost uniform.
  • The entire group participates in regular activities together such as hikes, campouts, ball games, or cookouts at the city park.

Who is this best suited for?

Due to its simplicity and ease of use, Royal Rangers Lite may provide a more suitable program option for some churches, such as:

  • New outposts just getting started
  • Outposts in smaller churches with fewer boys, fewer leaders, or limited classroom space
  • Outposts seeking to conduct a simpler program that requires less effort by outpost leaders
  • Outposts seeking a more flexible program option that is better aligned with other church programs or objectives

It should be noted that although a “lite” version of Royal Rangers provides many benefits there are also tradeoffs involved. Lite outposts may not have the opportunity to participate in some aspects of the program that require more full-featured participation, such as participation in the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship (FCF) program, or seeing boys earn the Gold Medal of Achievement (GMA) or other advancement awards.

Minimum Program Requirements for Royal Rangers

Although the options described above reflect a significant degree of flexibility, certain key features represent the core aspects of Royal Rangers and should be represented in any program using the name of Royal Rangers.

  • The church must meet the eligibility requirements, register their outpost, and agree to the terms of use and program policies as stated in the registration process.
  • The program must be conducted as a ministry to boys. Churches are encouraged to provide gender- specific ministry for girls through the use of our sister program, National Girls Ministries.
  • The program must utilize men as the primary leaders and mentors of boys.
  • The program must feature a regular combination of discipleship, skill development, and fun activities for boys.

Royal Rangers Lite may not be the best solution for every outpost, but for some, it may be the only viable solution for their present circumstances. Royal Rangers Lite enables churches to maintain some form of Royal Rangers over time as conditions change by enabling them to shift from a more full-featured program to a lighter program and back again whenever necessary. Royal Rangers Lite enables EVERY church in EVERY circumstance to provide some form of gender-specific ministry to the boys of their church and community.

For More Information

Additional details can be found on the Program Application Matrix document (PDF) or in Chapter 5 of the Royal Rangers Leader Manual.  If you have addition questions about starting a Royal Rangers outpost or how to apply the principles of Royal Rangers Lite to your church setting feel free to contact us for assistance.


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