The costs involved in conducting a Royal Rangers program depend largely on the type and scope of the program you plan to conduct.  the following is a summary of the costs typically involved in starting and maintaining a program.

Charter Fees

All Royal Rangers groups are required to pay an annual membership fee (charter fee) to the national Royal Rangers office in the amount of $11.00 per boy and $13.00 per leader.  Some districts charge additional fees.  Charters are renewed annually in September & October.

Startup Resources

A list of recommended resources can be found on our startup resources page.  If your church were to operate all four age groups, using the minimum “basic essentials” resources listed on the startup resources page, your initial cost would be about $160 (plus taxes & shipping), and about $120 each year thereafter to maintain your TRaCclub memberships.  These costs are fixed, regardless of the number of boys that participate in your program.